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Grandmaster Chen expresses his gratitude to all who attended his seminar.

Kam Lau School of Tai Chi Chuan

Master Kam Lau

Tai Chi is formally known as Taijiquan (in Mandarin pinyin) or Tai Gik Kuen (in Cantonese pinyin).

Classes are held throughout Merseyside at independent venues, as optional classes within Health and Fitness Centres and in office environments providing high quality tuition, with weekly classes for beginners, intermediates and advanced students alike.

We provide classes for Local Authorities, the Public and Private Sector and have a strong presence in many private Health and Fitness Centres. Here is a list of our past and present clients.

Age Concern Penny Lane Development Trust Multiple Sclerosis Society

The school was formed in 1995 by Master Kam Lau and is the sole representative on Merseyside of the Chen Xiao Wang World Taijiquan Association. The head of which is Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang who is currently the undisputed head of the Chen Style Taijiquan and the descendant of the legendary creator of Chen Style Taijiquan, General Chen Wang Ting (1580-1660).

Tai Chi class

Since 1995 the school has provided high quality tuition in the traditional form of Tai Chi with integrated Chi Kung (Qi Gong). Many students have competed in major national Tai Chi championships and subsequently achieved gold, silver and bronze medal status in both hand forms and pushing hands.

The school offers a wide range of courses available including:

  • Chen Style Tai Chi
  • Traditional Yang Style 85 movement long form
  • Chi Kung
  • Chan Si Gong (Silk Reeling exercise)
  • Pushing Hands
  • Fa Jin training for self defence
  • Tai Chi for self defence
  • Traditional weapon forms including straight sword, broadsword, double broadsword, spear and kwan dao.
Tai Chi Sword Form

The Kam Lau School prides itself in its high quality traditional teaching methods. Beginners find the step by step instructions relatively easy to follow and find our instructors very patient and approachable.

The routines will help you to improve balance, flexibility, stamina, concentration and awareness of your body, body alignment and posture and most of all will help to build up your confidence.

New beginner Tai Chi classes

We have 2 new beginner Tai Chi classes starting from June 2015. The first is at Wrexham, every Wednesday 2pm - 3pm at the Plas Coch Sports Centre. Click here for more information about the Wrexham Tai Chi class.

The second new Tai Chi beginners class is at West Derby, Liverpool. This class is on Wednesday from 6pm - 7pm. This beginners class runs all year round.

Please contact us before attending any our of classes for further information about the class, the suitability, availability, pricing and any other questions you may have.

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